Meet the team!

We are 9 team members from the College of Engineering at San Diego State University. Half of the team forms part of the Mechanical Engineering department while the other half is composed of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

John Berger

Project Sponsor and Mechanical Engineer

Founder of Automated Microgreens. A skilled engineer whose vision to grow greens from home resulted in a combination of technology and food science. Previous leadership positions make him an unrivaled leader. John is the mechanical engineering team president, designer, and welder.

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Elias Wooten

Electrical Systems and Integration Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineering team lead. Systems engineer, PCB design, and sensor/actuator programming for the machine. Elias has a Associate Engineering position at Rivian lined up for when he graduates. An engineer by practice, and a team president.

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Max Merritt

Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineer

Also known as an energy storage lead for vehicle designs. Max is commonly acknowledged by his ability to design and manufacture at any scale. Implemented non-toxic insulation within the machine in the growing area. Such implementation resulted in efficient growth cycles. His manufacturing background is reflected on the machine’s efficiency.

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Daniel Kenner

Computer Engineer

Built the back-end UI design. User Interface implementation is his specialty as well as proficiency in several programming languages.

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He is responsible for implementing environment-condition data of growth cycles through a SQL database as well as implementing a Token Ring through UART for device control. His extensive background in computer science transformed the scope of this project.

Conor Vasiliadis

Mechanical Engineer

Implemented, modeled, and engineered the serial usage of solenoids in the automated machine. His practice of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics principles transform him into a skilled engineer and technology creator.

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Abigail Dabu

Computer Engineer

HTML and Javascript data serialization based on feedback to user interface pages design. Abigail is proficient in several programming languages as well as modeling software for digital circuits. Her contributions to the sensors and actuators are paramount to the mean growing machine.

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Thuya Sathiamurthi

Mechanical Engineer

Highly skilled in the area of kinematic mechanisms. As a design engineer and safety officer, Thuya helped to implement a climate control system. Such system ensures that the greens operate at optimal temperatures.

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Ali Alqaoud

Electrical Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineering team member. Circuit designer and digital circuit modeling. Ali is passionate about electrical power systems and advanced complex analysis. He is hoping to continue his education at the graduate level in Europe after successfully graduating from San Diego State University. His fluency in several languages will help him succeed in his post-graduation career.

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José B

Electrical & Language Engineer

MATLAB circuit modeling and LTSpice design. José enjoys working on digital communications and RLC circuit designs. He is currently working towards optimal performance in the mean growing machine while trying to get a pilot’s license.

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